The story behind Barley and Malt

It came from my own experience. I'm a whisky enthusiast. I'm very fascinated with how they are made, what the science is behind all the flavours, and I always try to experiment new ways to consume them. I remembered the time when I just started my whisky journey and was so overwhelmed by the diversity of it. I actually didn't know where to start, what to buy, and whether I even liked it or not. That gave me the idea of creating a platform where whisky tasting is simple and accessible.

What really got me to start the business was the time that I just wanted to sit down with a glass of good whisky but couldn't be bothered to travel to a whisky bar in town. So I wondered if there were any businesses could bring whisky to me instead of having to going out. It’s crazy but I couldn't find any! That was the foundation of Barley and Malt, a business that helps both whisky beginners and enthusiasts to experience the "Water of life" the comfort of their own home.