Tin Shed Distilling Company is a partnership of like-minded and experienced distillers who share a dream of producing quality whisky from local South Australian ingredients. The company commenced distilling in the middle of 2013 and 'INIQUITY' was born. 


"At Tin Shed, we pride ourselves on producing artisan spirits that do not disappoint.Our focus is always on flavour rather than efficiency. Everything is done by hand with meticulous attention to detail and quality. We use local grain, local peat and local Mallee stumps to smoke our whisky. We do not chill-filter our whiskies or rums, so it is quite common to see some flocculation in the bottle (give it a good shake and it will dissolve again)."


Primarily cask 150, a French Oak re-charred red wine cask with elements of other tawny and apera casks. A really pleasant, easy drinking dram. The changing flavours deliver two whiskies for the price of one!



Nose:     Honey, stubble fields with earthy and grassy notes, malted barley.  After 15-20 minutes ic gradually changes to notes of dried fruit and orange zest.

Palate:   Eucalyptus, fresh cut cedar and apple skins.  After 15-20 minutes it evolves into fruit trifle with burnt toffee and caramel crepe highlights.

Finish:   Gently lingering with the cedar and gum leaves taking turns to lead.  After 15-20 minutes the finish becomes soft and luxurious

Iniquity Batch No. 021 - PRE ORDER

  • Country - Australia
    Region - South Australia
    Bottle Size - 700ml
    ABV - 49.1%