Australian whisky making began int he early 1800s. However in 1839 Australia's Distillation Prohibition Act banned all production. Then Bill Lark was the one man who restarted it all after getting the Act overturned in 1992.

The Australians do not mind knocking over the odd statue or two in taking a very different approach to their whisky. They are loud, brash, with powerful and full-flavoured whiskies, often matured in unusual casks at unusual sizes.

Here we hand-selected some of the best whiskies from distilleries around Australia for you to enjoy.

Australian Whisky Tasting Pack

  • Includes:

    - 4 x 60ml whisky samples:

    • Headlands Muscat Cask Single Malt Whisky (NSW)
    • Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky (VIC)
    • Launceston Apera Cask Single Malt Whisky (TAS)
    • Iniquity Anomaly Series 'Flustercluck' Single Malt Whisky (SA)

    - Tasting Notes